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    If you lived through the 90s, then you likely have a soft spot for the music of that decade. It was a strange time, with genres mixing with each other in such extremes that there was a great variety in sound. To be perfectly honest, a lot of it was bad. But the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia still lead us to indulge in some flashback indulgences. Of course, a lot of use were in our early teens (or pre-teens) in the 90s so recalling a lot of these songs is difficult 15-20years on is a challenge. This playlist aims to give you a hand with that, compiling nearly 24 hours worth of 90s hits.

    What You Won’t Find On This Playlist

    Chris Cornell 90s Grunge
    This is the face Chris Cornell makes when you don’t follow this playlist on Spotify.

    I shied away from the softer “adult contemporary” hits on this. You won’t find Natalie Merchant or Tori Amos here. Sorry. This is more of what you’d find on alternative rock radio stations (not to be confused with what we’re calling “alternative” these days). That mix of music somewhere between hard rock, alternative, electronica, and punk. Of course, there’s a fair amount of Grunge, but I didn’t dig too far into the back catalog there. I tried to include as many notable songs as I could without getting too esoteric. If there’s interest in an early grunge playlist, maybe we can put that together later. In the meantime, enjoy your 24 hours of 90s rock.

    Why Just 90s Rock?

    Do you see how long this playlist is? You’ll never actually listen to it all. It’s “yuge”. And this isn’t even all of the alternative and hard rock that was out in the 90s, this is just a curated playlist. Keep an eye out for upcoming deep cuts style playlists with a focus on grunge and indie rock. In the meantime, you can rock out with this or you can check out our 90s R&B playlist that features a number of soul and R&B hits from the 90s that you probably slow danced to at your high school prom.

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