90s R&B Playlist

Your 90s Prom Slow Dance Hits

  • An R&B playlist featuring songs we slow danced to at our 90s-2000s proms.

    71Tracks | Play Length: 5hrs 25min

    If you went to a high school dance in the 90s (hopefully it was because you were in high school…) then you very likely heard some of these tracks. These were the top “slow dance at the prom” songs of the 90s and some of us still have an anxiety attack when we hear them. Hopefully your prom was a little more Dirty Dancing and a little less 16 Candles– although I highly doubt it.

    90s to 2000s R&B and Soul

    90s R&B featured a number of artists who worked closely with Hip Hop stars of the same era. Faith Evans, 112, and Mariah Carey all had spots on songs from Puff Daddy (or Diddy, as we know him currently), Notorious B.I.G., and many others. For some, myself included, we came to know some artists first through their featured spots on other artists’ songs, while other artists had always been visible to us. You’ll also find groups on this playlist that later broke up when a star member went solo (think Fugees and Dru Hill).

    This collection of songs aims to relive the sounds of the 90s and early 2000s in the R&B and Soul genres. Take a listen and see if any of these songs brings back memories…

    Playlist Standouts

    There’s definitely no shortage of R&B and Soul hits here. However, there’s more than a few songs that you may have forgotten about. Or, if you’re under 30, you may never have heard them.

    Soul For Real, Joe, and Maxi Priest may be difficult to recall by name– but see if you can’t place those songs.

    Another highlight of this playlist is that it features a number of early hits by performers who went on to be super stars (lookin’ at you Bey).


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