90s Christmas Playlist

90s Alt Rock Christmas Playlist

  • A 90s Alternative Rock Holiday Playlist

    25 Tracks | Play Length: 1hr 21min

    There’s more than a few of us who maintain an attachment to the musical acts of the 90s. There’s no shortage of 90s themed playlists out there, either. So what’s one more? Here’s a Christmas themed 90s Alternative Rock playlist that’s short and to the point.

    90s Christmas Songs – A Playlist for 30-Somethings

    I’ll admit up front– Spotify hosed me when I went to make this playlist. I had a playlist last year that was full of a bunch of tracks I wanted on this particular playlist. However, this year I’ve discovered that those tracks aren’t available on Spotify. What a bummer. Maybe I’ll make a Google Music playlist that has the missing tracks– we’ll see. ┬áIt’s a little late in the holiday season, so that may not happen. I was particularly annoyed that my personal favorite 90s Christmas song, “Merry Christmas Emily” by Cracker, wasn’t available. I’m gonna be a grouchy jerk about that.

    Missing tracks aside, a lot of these songs call to mind Christmas appearances on SNL or just the good old days of grunge and alt rock. This certainly isn’t a thorough list and if I’ve missed something that Spotify actually has a license for, please let me know. The runtime is a little short, but does anyone really want to listen to five hours of Christmas tunes? Really?


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