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Downer Christmas Playlist

  • A Depressing Christmas Playlist

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    Do you ever hit that point in the holiday season when you just can’t take another sugary pop cover of classic Christmas songs? Is all the commercialized joy getting to you? Would you rather pour a drink and sit quietly and reflect upon the past year, for better or worse? Well, you’re in luck– there’s a playlist for that.

    Sad Xmas Tunes

    Maybe you’re a grouch or a natural downer– or perhaps you just have an appreciation for the fact that life’s not all sugar plums and stuffed stockings (science supports the latter– check out this article on why sad songs feel good). Either way, this playlist brings something different to the table. From painful tales about a year frought with small disasters, to stories about misfits just getting by (nods to Tom Waits), there’s a little bit of everything here. And just so no one gets too down, there’s some slowed-down Christmas classics thrown in that match the tempo if not the mood of the other songs on the playlist– Low’s covers of “Blue Christmas” and “Just Like Christmas” are particularly noteworthy. In fact, their entire “Christmas” album should be included in the canon of holiday classics.

    So, Musically, Who’s This Playlist For?

    This playlist compiles some moderately disparate bands, but attempts to tie them all together through a common sound and emotion. From Bright Eyes and Matt Pond to Low, Explosions in the Sky, Tom Waits, and Ryuichi Sakomoto– the list of musicians is pretty diverse. A lot of the tracks lean more toward the modern revival of singer-songwriter, Americana, and folk music, so if the sound of a banjo or mandolin makes you cringe, consider this your heads up.


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