R&B Christmas Songs

R&B Christmas

Classic and Contemporary R&B Artists Performing Holiday Hits With A Few Originals
  • A Sexy R&B Christmas Playlist

    39 Tracks | Play Length: 2hrs 20min

    Christmas doesn’t have to be all candy-coated classic carols or ridiculous anti-Christmas anthems. There is a middle ground. And that middle ground happens to be sexy. Real sexy. This playlist aims to deliver unto you the smooth sounds of R&B greats singing classic Christmas songs as well as a few original numbers.

    A Sexy R&B Playlist for Christmas

    Sure, I’ve got Mariah— but we also have Whitney. There’s John Legend, but also Lou Rawls. What I’m saying is, I’ve compiled R&B singers with magnificent voices from past and present to give you some sensually-sung sounds of the season because maybe that’s your vibe (or maybe it’s not, but it could be– you’ll never know til you try). Some of these tracks you might find on top Christmas playlists from popular music critics, but more than a few have been forgotten and are worth remembering (I don’t hear anyone clamoring for Freddie Jackson’s “Christmas Forever”, but maybe they should be?).

    In putting this playlist together I found a few things I wasn’t expecting to find. I found out Lou Rawls and Babyface both made Christmas songs (and both are very good, but did you know Lou Rawls also sung “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” for the original Garfield Christmas Special? Yes, that Garfield. How about that shit?). I also found out that the Ariana Grande Christmas album has its merits, but conceptually, is still a little repugnant. So even if you’re not dying to get some R&B tunes into your holiday playlist mix, give this a listen and see if you don’t discover something new to listen to this year.


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