Anti-Trump Protest Playlist

Anti Trump Protest Songs

  • A Playlist to Protest Trump To

    48 Tracks | Play Length: 3hr 19min

    As we in America settle in for four years of Donald Trump, it becomes increasingly apparent that we’re going to need more protest songs. In fact, many artists are already on it (See the 30 songs 30 days project). Here’s our contribution- an Anti-Trump protest playlist we can all enjoy.

    Protest Songs from Damn Near Everywhere

    A lot of protest song playlists seem to bend to a particular genre or have a mix of politics and purpose. This playlist strives to keep things a little less specific while still acknowledging the seeming myriad of protestations to be made against Trump’s policies (both explicit and implicit).

    Some Special Call-Outs

    All of these songs are relevant– each in their own way, but some of these songs were specially selected and are worth calling attention to. Here’s what stands out in these protest songs.

    The First Two Songs

    This playlist begins with Jeff Buckley and Don Mclean singing songs for which they are famous– haunting, timeless songs about significant loss. Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is mournful in tone and sound while McLean’s “American Pie” is more upbeat, but with somber lyrics. This combination of moods seems to describe the feelings of the whole of the Anti-Trump camp. The feeling of intense loss, that something we held in high regard has been soiled by the touch of a coarse and unworthy hand, penetrates the crowds now gathering in cities across the U.S.

    Public Enemy – Fight the Power

    This one pretty much speaks for itself– although it feels worth stating that the key to rebuking the kind of self-serving, ego-maniacal, and dangerous government that is now taking shape is to box up our sadness once we’ve mourned and then move on to focused activism. Nothing says “Take it to them” like Public Enemy.

    The Distillers – Seneca Falls

    Jan 21st, 2017 is the Million Womens’ March — a worldwide protest against the incoming Trump and his cabinet. The march is comprised of more than just woment and supports many different political objections to Trump’s policies, but it’s focal point is combating the mysoginistic attitude of the President. With that said, “Seneca Falls” is a punk song, sung by a woman, about the Seneca Falls Convention— the first convention held to promote women’s right to vote. This is really a star of the playlist because it combines the theme of the march and the foam-at-the-mouth, middle-fingers in the air attitude of politically motivated punk rock, right alongside some truly well-written lyrics that drive home some points that are incredibly relevant at this point in history.

    Give it a Listen

    There’s something in here for just about everyone, with an effort not to stray too far from a central pop sensibility. For that reason you won’t find much 70s folk (Though Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” is included here) or too many down-tempo songs.

    Give it a listen, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the list.


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